Everything You need to know about Quantum Computing

In this video, Juan G Mendoza, who did his graduation with degrees in Computer Science and Physics and a certificate in Quantum Information, explains what you need to know about quantum computing.

Juan is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in physics with a focus on quantum computing.

Time stamps:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:32 – Why Juan loves physics so much?
  • 02:14 – What does “Quantum” mean?
  • 05:40 – What is a quantum computer and how is it different from a normal computer?
  • 15:22 – Why is the size of a circuit in a quantum computer extremely small?
  • 17:16 – Who proposed the idea of quantum computing
  • 20:38 – Are many companies currently working on developing quantum computers?
  • 22:13 – When will a normal person like us have a quantum computer a home?

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