The Future is Quantum

Quantum Computing is Coming

Moore’s Law is running out of steam. The future is quantum.

Latest Quantum Computing News

Quantum Annealing Machine for Highly Efficient Combinatorial Optimization Processing

Quantum annealing has attracted a lot of attention in recent years as a technology for improving the efficiency of combinatorial optimization processing. The participants in this project are carrying …

Disruptive Technologists’ Webinar on The Disruptive Power of Quantum Computing

This Disruptive Technologists’ event occurred on October 13, 2021, 4 PM to 5 PM EST Quantum computing harnesses the phenomena of quantum mechanics to deliver a huge leap forward in computational…

Lynn Langit on Quantum Computing for Software Engineers

In this episode, Frank and Andy speak with Lynn Langit and her journey from developer to quantum developer. This episode is entitled “Developing for Quantum Computing” and is rated three S…