The Future is Quantum

Quantum Computing is Coming

Moore’s Law is running out of steam. The future is quantum.

Latest Quantum Computing News

A Beginner’s Guide To Quantum Computing

Dr. Talia Gershon, a materials scientist by training, came to IBM Research in 2012. After 4.5 years of developing next-generation solar cell materials, she got inspired to learn about quantum computin…

Scientists create Time Crystals with quantum computers using Google’s Sycamore chip

In research published in the journal Nature, scientists detail their creation of a time crystal using Google’s Sycamore quantum computing hardware. A team of researchers including ones from Stanford a…

A Crash Course on Quantum Computing with Josie Meyer

Josie Meyer delivers this talk entitles “A Crash Course on Quantum Computing: Cutting Through the Hype From a PER Perspective” From the abtrsact So you’ve heard about quantum computi…