The Qubit Before Christmas

in this episode, Frank reads “The Qubit Before Christmas” a quantum inspired version of the holiday classic poem. Have a listen. Links Frank’s Original LinkedIn Post https://www.linkedin.com/posts/frank-lavigne_twas-the-qubit-before-christmas-and-all-through-activity-6880337657478553600-f3ud The Qubit Before Christmas by Frank La Vigne ‘Twas the Qubit before Christmas… Read More »The Qubit Before Christmas

Yuval Boger on Quantum Developer Productivity

in this episode, Frank and Andy speak with Yuval Boger about how his company Classiq enhances quantum developer productivity. Show notes: Classiq website: https://www.classiq.io/ Yuval’s Podcast: https://www.classiq.io/insights#podcasts

Azure Quantum is Here

Microsoft places Azure Quantum into public preview. Does this mean that enterprises are going to start embracing Quantum Computing? What can you do now to prepare for a quantum career? Links Quantum Computing for Computer Scientists Microsoft’s Azure Quantum platform… Read More »Azure Quantum is Here