Digital Error Mitigation with Mitiq

Andrea Mari talks about Digital Error Mitigation with Mitiq Notebook: https://github.com/unitaryfund/research/blob/main/nepec/mitiq-qiskit-pec-nepec/mitiq-qiskit-zne-pec-nepec.ipynb In this presentation, I will give an overview of the 3 main error mitigation techniques that are currently supported in Mitiq: digital zero-noise extrapolation, probabilistic error cancellation, and Clifford… Read More »Digital Error Mitigation with Mitiq

Intro to Qubit Systems

In this video, the Eigenbros discuss and reflect on qubit systems, particularly defect and Superconducting qubits. They also react to all the different types of qubit technologies that are being developed by tech giants such as IBM, IonQ, Microsoft.

Quantum crash test dummies

A series of videos on Quantum Computers from Keio University. In this episode (3.7), learn about the advantages of quantum computers over classical systems in simulations.