Interfacing Superconducting Quantum Circuits with an RF Photonic Link

In this presentation, John Teufel explores how to interface quantum circuits with RF photonics.

From the early days of superconducting qubits, one of their most attractive attributes was the inherent scalability of nanofabricated quantum circuits. If these engineered quantum devices could demonstrate sufficient coherence and quantum control, scaling to thousands or even millions of qubits should be a straightforward engineering task. Today, superconducting qubits have progressed so rapidly that they are beginning to outgrow the cryostats in which they are housed. I will discuss how cryogenic RF photonic links offer a scalable alternative to traditional coaxial wiring for the control and readout a transmon qubits [1]. I will also discuss several ongoing experimental efforts at NIST Boulder to extend the quantum technology from microwave frequencies to other unused parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. This includes lower frequency (MHz) mechanical devices and higher frequency (millimeter wave) circuits for applications including the processing, storage and networking of quantum information.

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