Do You Believe these Five Quantum Computing Myths?

Quantum computing is in a weird stage right now – it’s not quite mature and it’s outside of its infancy. You can say that the field is in its adolescent phase.

Anastasia Marchenkova explains:

There’s super basic applications, theoretical applications, there’s super high end specific knowledge . I think because of this gap, there’s a lot of confusion on what quantum technologies can actually do and what they can’t do. So here I want to clear up a few of the common myths I hear about quantum computing. Remember, friends don’t let friends believe in superluminal quantum communication.

Time stamps:

  • 0:00 Why are there so many myths?
  • 0:38 quantum computers will replace classical computers
  • 2:33 quantum artificial intelligence will take over the world
  • 5:42 quantum communication is faster than the speed of light
  • 7:29 quantum computers will break encryption in 2-3 years
  • 8:58 quantum computers can mine bitcoin faster

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