Data Con LA 2022 – Pre – recorded – Quantum Computing, The next new technology in computing

Mark Jackson, Quantum Evangelist at Quantinuum

Emerging Tech

Quantum computing is rapidly becoming commercially feasible. Many tech giants – Google, IBM, Honeywell, and Microsoft – are spending billions to far outpace Moore’s Law. Last year achieved the major milestone of Quantum Supremacy where it was shown that a quantum computer could greatly outperform a classical computer. Quantum computing offers the promise of solving problems which would be impossible for a classical computer including optimization, anomaly detection, and material design. It also allows unhackable communication. In this presentation I will summarize what quantum computing is and why it is so important. I will sketch the landscape of the field including the hardware, software, and major customers at present. The tool most critical for data analysis – quantum machine learning – will be explained, along with the type of applications it is best suited for. Finally I will explain how you can take the first steps into leveraging quantum computing for your enterprise’s benefit. -What is quantum computing -Who are the major players in the field -What is quantum machine learning and what types of problems can it address -How your company can take advantage of this

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