Be Prepared! Quantum Technologies are going to be the Next Big Disruption

Awareness about quantum computing’s potential is spreading.

In some fields, such as quantum sensors, quantum communications and cybersecurity, disruption will probably come in a matter of years and impact a wide variety of sectors. On the long run, they promise huge efficiency gains that could help optimize resource usage – which is vital in an age of dwindling raw materials – and help us fight climate change. The impact could be so massive that quantum technology might even reshape the balance of power on a global scale, with big tech corporations and states investing heavily to gain a competitive edge. In this session, Patrice Caine will talk about the foreseeable consequences of this second quantum revolution, about why he thinks business and political leaders should tackle this topic right now, and how his company, Thales, is going to leverage quantum technologies to offer disruptive solutions to its customers.


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