Architecture All Access: Quantum Computing

During his 20 years at Intel James Clarke has been a process engineer, led advanced interconnect research, and launched Intel’s Quantum Computing efforts with a focus on leveraging our in-house transistor process and manufacturing capabilities to create scalable qubit arrays. He’s co-authored over 50 papers and holds multiple patents.

Quantum Computing has the potential to change our lives and far exceed the capabilities of today’s supercomputers. Join James Clarke, Director of Quantum Computing at Intel Labs, as he runs through the basics of quantum mechanics, what components make up a quantum computer, when we’ll achieve quantum practicality, and more.


  • 0:00 How Can Quantum Computers Change Our Lives?
  • 0:31 James Clarke: Chemist at Heart
  • 0:46 Topics In This Video
  • 1:30 What is Quantum Superposition?
  • 2:16 What is Quantum Entanglement?
  • 3:07 Qubits Are Incredibly Fragile
  • 3:33 Quantum’s Potential
  • 4:17 Protein Folding in Cancer Research
  • 5:15 Three Ways to Make a Qubit
  • 6:15 Why Transistors Matter for Qubits
  • 8:32 Spin Qubits
  • 9:58 Controlling a Qubit
  • 10:24 Dilution Refrigerators Get Colder Than Space
  • 11:11 How a Qubit is Like a Sports Car
  • 11:45 Cryogenic Chips
  • 12:04 Future of Quantum
  • 12:43 Recap and Challenges

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